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We believe our people are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to investing in individual development and providing recognition, encouragement and direction. We are committed to developing a workforce comprising motivated employees from the widest pool of talent available and to actively recruiting and developing employees from within the regions we work. BUMA Australia works to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace that facilitates opportunity and respect for all our employees.

We believe the culture and performance of a successful mining contractor begins with shared values and this must be demonstrated by the leadership, especially on our sites. Our corporate teams provide support to the projects and employees from this team rotate through the sites to ensure they understand and appreciate the challenges faced.

A core part of our recruitment strategy is BUMA Australia’s graduate and apprenticeship program.


Our undergraduate program is focussed on the identification and development of talented individuals, typically university students studying mining engineering or surveying. At the time of recruitment, it is made clear to the undergraduates that they are being evaluated as future candidates for our graduate program. It is also impressed upon them that they are evaluating us as a future employer as well.

This two-way evaluation can take up to four years, depending upon the timing of recruitment. Most of our undergraduates progress to the graduate program. A typical undergraduate will experience vacation work at three or four different mining operations over the course of their study and will work in the corporate office one day per week during semester.

The program provides a range of different experiences and work environments. Feedback from both supervisors and undergraduates is keenly sought and is used to guide decisions on future opportunities.


Our graduates are an integrated and essential part of our business. Our graduate programs in mining engineering, mechanical engineering and surveying provide new graduates with a structured and varied transition into the responsibilities of a technical role.

We believe it is essential for mining professionals to have a working knowledge of all aspects of a mining operation. Such aspects include industrial relations, health and safety, environmental management, cultural heritage, equipment maintenance, drill and blast, mine planning, geology, geotechnical, survey, drone operation, contract management and cost management.

Our nominal two-year graduate program results in well-rounded professionals who often progress to leadership roles within the organisation. We genuinely strive to develop future professionals and leaders for not only our own business, but also the broader Australian mining industry.


Apprentices learn the practical skills for their chosen trade and gain a nationally recognised qualification. All theory components are delivered through nationally Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

First Nations and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Engagement with First Nations Australians is a valued part of BUMA Australia’s employment approach, and we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that facilitates respect and opportunities for individual development. Our focus on cultural inclusiveness is active and ongoing and we are continually working to build our organisational culture through positive leadership with a focus on enhancing workforce diversity.

A key part of our strategy is the BUMA Australia Work Readiness and Training Program for First Nations Australians. This program is a collaboration between BUMA Australia and the local community to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes. The work readiness program introduces participants to mining life and career pathways in the mining industry. The program covers topics that employees will face on a day-to-day basis to help assist those that are new to the mining industry or even new to the workforce. The program has had great success in preparing new to industry operators be successful in securing fulltime positions with BUMA Australia at our Blackwater and Goonyella Mines.

During the 8-week program held in Blackwater, participants volunteer to attend three days per week to learn a variety of skills to prepare for a career in the mining industry. This includes information that relates directly to work and home life to help assist with the balance of transitioning into shift work and working on a mine site.

The program also includes the opportunity for participants to attend a mine site and ride along in a dump truck to experience both day and night shift and see everything firsthand. Finally, a two-day leadership camp is held to help build confidence and teamwork abilities. Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to engage with BUMA Australia staff for cultural learning opportunities to increase understanding and appreciation of First Nation Australian cultures, histories and achievements.

Other course topics include; health, safety and environment, communications, hazardous chemicals, drug and alcohol awareness, fitness for work, appropriate workplace behavior, harassment and discrimination, dealing with fatigue, injury management health and wellbeing, mental wellness and budgeting and risk management.

Once completed, participants of the program receive a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment in Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set.

Watch this space for application details in the near future.

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