At BUMA, we believe our corporate governance is more than a framework; it’s the foundation to fostering an environment where excellence and innovation thrive

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Our leaders champion a governance approach that prioritises BUMA's sustainability and its people

Guided by our Board and Executive Leadership, our governance framework is committed to responsible decision-making, enhancing value and trust in our client and stakeholder relationships.

The foundational pillars of our corporate governance are:

  • Transparency

    We believe in open communication and clear disclosure of our business practices, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to accurate and timely information. This commitment to transparency not only builds trust but also fosters a culture of honesty and openness within our organisation.

  • Accountability

    We hold ourselves responsible for our decisions and actions, ensuring they align with our values, ethical standards, and objectives. By implementing oversight mechanisms, we ensure that every level of BUMA upholds our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

  • Ethical Leadership

    Our leaders are committed to setting standards of conduct, guiding the organisation with a focus on integrity and ethical decision-making. This leadership approach not only drives our corporate strategy but also inspires our employees to uphold the highest ethical standards in their work.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Stakeholder engagement is a key priority for us. We actively seek and value the input of our employees, clients, and community partners, recognising that their insights are crucial to our success. Through regular and meaningful engagement, we ensure that our governance practices reflect the diverse interests and needs of those we serve.

  • Integrity

    We are committed to conducting our business with the utmost honesty and reliability, ensuring that integrity permeates every aspect of our operations. Our unwavering dedication to integrity not only guides our internal conduct but also shapes how we interact with our external partners and stakeholders.


Our policies are the blueprint of our dedication to ethical, sustainable, and responsible mining.

At BUMA Australia, we understand that robust policies are the backbone of effective governance. They guide our actions and decisions, ensuring we operate with integrity and transparency at every level. Our policies are not just documents; they are commitments to our values and vision.

  • Our code of conduct

    Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of our ethical principles. It outlines the standards we uphold and the behaviour we expect from our team, ensuring that every action aligns with our core values of integrity and people.

  • Speaking up policy

    Our Speaking Up Policy, serving as our whistleblower framework, is crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability. It provides a safe and confidential way for employees and stakeholders to report any concerns or misconduct. This policy is instrumental in ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct, offering a secure channel for voicing concerns without fear of reprisal.

These policies are more than guidelines; they are the pillars of our mission at BUMA. As we navigate the challenges of the mining industry, these policies serve as our compass, ensuring we remain true to our vision of sustainable and responsible mining for a brighter future.