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  • Operation Services & Management

    With a strong commitment to safety, efficiency and collaboration, BUMA Australia pursues a relationship-based long-term approach to ensure the mutual success of all projects.

    Ensuring we provide value to our clients through all stages of mining is a mainstay of our business and we have the expertise and equipment to deliver total mining services to any surface operation.

    BUMA Australia offers a comprehensive range of mine services and can customise our offering to meet client requirements. These services include management and operation of open cut mine sites, statutory management, greenfields development and start-up, mine planning, asset management, drill and blast services, operation and maintenance of processing plants, rehabilitation and closure, analysis and costing proposals.

    Across our sites, we provide a range of services, each with its unique contract scope, from initial overburden removal to full-service mining contracts. Furthermore, we possess extensive expertise in managing a variety of contract styles, including alliances and conventional schedule of rates.

  • Asset Management

    The team deploys advances in equipment technology, as well as contemporary operating and maintenance practices to ensure our customers are provided with maximum reliability and the lowest cost solution to their mining requirements.

    BUMA Australia select and maintain fleet based on a whole of life assessment to achieve the lowest unit operating cost. We can support equipment from all recognised equipment manufacturers and are confident in our ability to ensure assets is operating safely and effectively. Underpinning these services are our strong relationships with equipment manufacturers and suppliers which ensures we have access to the latest equipment, technology and best practice maintenance knowledge.

    Mobile Fleet – Our asset management team comprises professional engineers and qualified tradespeople with extensive practical knowledge and experience.

    Processing Plants – Our maintenance teams offer a range of services, including maintenance planning, equipment servicing, fabrication, and continuous fixed plant maintenance. These services are designed to ensure high operational availability of the plant and optimal process performance. Plant shutdowns are meticulously planned and executed by our tradespeople, with specialised support from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) experts and experienced maintenance contractors.

    The operation of the CHPP is managed by seasoned fixed plant operators and operator/maintainers who utilise state-of-the-art SCADA control systems. This process is further enhanced by sampling and online analysers, supported by an on-site laboratory, ensures efficient and reliable coal processing that consistently delivers high-quality production.

  • Rehabilitation

    With our background in mining, we are able to work with clients to deliver their post-mining land use vision in a way that is safe, efficient and of high quality.

    This ensures that your organisational reputation is maintained well beyond your operational timeframes and into the future.

    We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in mining rehabilitation, covering site assessment, planning, execution, monitoring, and maintenance.

    Our in-house engineering team collaborates with clients to plan mining operations that incorporate required final landform designs. This approach helps us meet rehabilitation targets while optimising construction costs without compromising quality.

  • Estimating & Analytics

    Our estimating team is experienced in pursuing opportunities for growth and in providing creative and competitive proposals for clients

    We utilise best practice benchmarking to reliably and accurately evaluate projects. Combined with strong mine planning capabilities, BUMA Australia can provide unique, optimised proposals which deliver the best outcome for our clients. We collaborate and build sustainable relationships with our clients to offer simple solutions to complex problems in order to achieve the economic success of each project.

    At BUMA Australia, data collection and comprehensive analysis are standard practices across all our sites. We draw from a range of sources, including project-specific, OEM, and industry data. This thorough analysis is essential for maintaining site efficiency and fostering a culture of achieving the best possible results for our clients.

    Continuous analysis of data, insightful reporting, and a proactive approach to implementing change where required, is instrumental in driving continuous improvement. This ensures we adapt to evolving challenges, capitalise on opportunities, and enhance project performance, solidifying our commitment to excellence and overall success across our sites.

As a company, BUMA Australia is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our clients, employees and communities

Ensuring we provide value to our clients through all stages of mining is a mainstay of our business and we have the expertise and equipment to deliver total mining services to any surface operation.


The health and safety of our people and the environment is at the forefront of what we do

Our services are supported by an absolute commitment to the health and safety of our employees and others at our sites. That commitment is built on robust and proven health and safety systems and procedures.

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