Meet Lisa


Lisa Campbell, who has dedicated five incredible years to BUMA, crafting a journey that reflects resilience, growth, and a profound love for her work. Lisa’s story is a testament to the success of the First Nations program.

Lisa’s journey began as an entry-level operator through the First Nations program, where she embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and dedication. Through hard work and determination, Lisa has transitioned from an entry-level operator to a skilled water cart operator and has recently been approved to commence training in a Grader.

One of the highlights of Lisa’s career with BUMA was when she was approached to take on the role of a Trainer and Assessor on her crew. Initially daunting, Lisa embraced the challenge, acquiring new skills and sharing her expertise with newcomers in the industry, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, as her crew nominated and voted her in as their HSE Representative, showcasing the trust and respect they have for her commitment to safety.

Living locally in Blackwater, Lisa was drawn to BUMA not just for the career in mining but also for the exceptional culture the company fosters. Lisa speaks highly of the friendly and open atmosphere, where every member feels like part of a larger family. She believes that the people she works with set BUMA apart from other workplaces, creating an environment of collaboration, openness, and mutual support.

Lisa believes strongly in the BUMA values and embodies these in her everyday work, delivering her best and promoting a positive and safety-oriented environment. Lisa encourages new starters to embrace every opportunity to learn new skills, stay observant, and prioritize safety above all else. Lisa emphasizes the importance of teamwork, urging new members to communicate openly with all departments and to never hesitate in seeking guidance.

As BUMA continues to thrive, Lisa’s journey stands as a beacon of dedication, growth, and the unwavering commitment to safety and teamwork. We celebrate Lisa’s outstanding five years with the company and look forward to witnessing her continued success and contributions to the BUMA family.