Meet Mandy

Mandy Turner

Please describe your role at the company

At BUMA Australia – Meandu Mine my role is Environmental Specialist – Rehabilitation. I am responsible for all aspects of ensuring progressive rehabilitation is being planned and completed to the required standard set out in the Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan (PRCP). I am also responsible for managing all the historic rehabilitation areas to ensure they are progressing towards meeting final sign off requirements with the aim being Progressive Certification. In addition to the rehabilitation aspects of a coal mine I am responsible for surface water compliance and a range of other site based environmental requirements.

What initially attracted you to work for BUMA?

I was initially attracted to working for BUMA as they have sites across a range of regions with Meandu Mine being within the region where I grew up and still have family and friends. Being able to live and work in my community means I am home every night for my kids.

How would you describe the culture at BUMA?

I have found BUMA to be a great company to work for. It is excellent to be able to know that I have support across the Meandu Mine teams and also have the backing and support from the head office teams and our other mine sites workforce. The workforce culture is good and is further encouraged and assisted through initiatives such as engaging outside parties such as ‘Are you bogged mate?’ speakers. I have found these initiatives helps in getting the teams talking and working together.

Can you share an experience that reflects the company’s values?

The BUMA company value ‘Progress’ is a high priority for the company. With my experience and knowledge in rehabilitation, I have been actively involved in BUMAs progress to not only be a mining company but to also grow to include rehabilitation activities. Being a part of this growth has been an exciting improvement that I feel is extremely important to the mining industry as many mining companies need assistance to further progress and achieve high quality rehabilitation.

What project or accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at BUMA?

An accomplishment that I am proud of, is being a part of the collaboration between BUMA and client Stanwell to get the PRCP approval for Meandu Mine. This is a huge step to ensure that rehabilitation at Meandu Mine is completed to a high standard but also progressively continues to ensure rehabilitation is completed as soon as mined areas become available. Although the PRCP has been approved the job is not done with integration of the new approval requirements into our processes and ensuring that rehabilitation continues to the highest quality.

Can you share a specific challenge you faced and how the team addressed it?

A specific rehabilitation challenge that we have been facing is the requirement to have appropriately sized rocks for our rock lined drains and having the correct machinery to sort those rocks in a timely and safe manner. Multiple teams have been working together to formulate plans, scopes, budgets, tendering processes and safe options with the outcome being on track to tender for a Rock Grizzly.

In your opinion, how does BUMA stand out in the industry?

Although BUMA is new to Australia within the industry it is standing out as being innovative and progressive in wanting to not only be a mining company but also delving into rehabilitation. This shows that the company is wanting to improve the industry, keep up with what the government is requiring and provide the assistance that many companies need. Working to improve for future generations.

Can you discuss any innovative approaches the company takes in its field?

BUMA branching out into the rehabilitation business is a significant innovative approach to ensure the industry meets legislative requirements whilst also being environmentally responsible to minimise the impact mining has on the environment by returning the land to as close to its natural state.

How does BUMA contribute to or engage with the local community or broader society?

BUMA supports a number of key local initiatives including our local football club for which my son is in under 10s. Go the RedAnts!

Are there any corporate social responsibility initiatives that you find particularly impactful?

I have found since working with BUMA that they are very socially responsible in particular they are responsible for their workforce and their families. An initiative that was rolled out at Meandu that had excellent feedback was the guest speaker for Are you bogged mate? which was both insightful and thought provoking. Looking after their workers is front and centre for BUMA.