Safety First at BUMA: reflecting on our RSHQ Industry Safety Reset

On the 17th and 24th of November 2023, BUMA Blackwater, like all our projects stopped for the industry wide reset. We gathered as one, from morning to evening, with all four crews from Maintenance and Production, to partake in our RSHQ Industry Safety Reset.

Safety First

The Industry Safety Reset, a moment when the mining industry collectively pauses to prioritize safety, saw our company devote two hours to this vital cause. During this period, we engaged in profound discussions on safety. We had the privilege of hearing from our own internal guest speakers who shared their personal experiences dealing with adversity. We also had the honour of listening to the Minister Scott Stewart who was clear in the theme for the reset SEE. STOP. REPORT.

Furthermore, we were deeply moved by the heartfelt accounts of two mine workers, Paul and Chris speak about their injuries and how it affected their lives. This was a stark reminder of why safety is our utmost priority.

In smaller groups, we delved into a safety activity that encouraged all crew members to contribute insights about the safety issues they perceive at BUMA Blackwater. It was heartening to witness diverse individuals, who may not typically connect, come together over a shared commitment to safety. Our dedicated crews passionately discussed their personal motivations for staying safe at work. From family and kids to pets, money, friends, holidays, and hobbies, there are countless inspirations that keep us vigilant. The consensus was that our teams possess the confidence to halt operations and report safety concerns. However, there was a recognition that our new industry entrants might need additional support from the seasoned members of the team to identify unsafe conditions or behaviours.

With unwavering determination, our crews continue to focus on reporting hazards, near misses and any unsafe behaviours to prevent the risk of a high potential incidents or a significant event from occurring and actions from the crew were recorded. This commitment aims to mitigate the risk of high potential incidents or significant events.

We wrapped up the Safety Reset with a collective breakfast barbecue, bringing together our crew, subcontractors, staff, and management. Our Project Manager left us with a lasting thought: “We have just stopped for safety for two hours. Let’s take it slow, no need to rush to get going, let’s keep our minds on the job and do it safely.”

At BUMA Blackwater, safety isn’t just a policy; it’s a culture we foster. Together, we will continue to prioritise safety and ensure that every day at work is a safe one.