Mining Services

With extensive experience in the mining industry, BUMA Australia provides clients with reliable delivery of contracted services. Our experienced management and operations teams are focussed on delivering the services and outcomes required by our clients while remaining flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the sector. This innovative and progressive approach provides cost effective solutions to our clients.

A significant contributor to our success is the depth and diversity of our operational capabilities and technical services, including dozer push, dragline operation, load and haul operations, operation of coal wash plants, and drill and blast.

Mine Planning and Design

At BUMA Australia we recognise that the success of mining operations is built on effective mine planning and design.

The BUMA Australia technical services capability ranges from long-term life-of-mine optimisation to short-term daily planning. Our technical teams include mining and geotechnical engineers, surveyors and geologists. We provide short, mid and long-term planning, monitoring and reporting and carry out technical assessments, economic analysis and mine planning for tenders and potential projects.

Drone technology is used by our surveyors to provide high quality survey data and improve safety by minimising interaction between personnel and heavy equipment.

Our senior engineers share responsibility across the technical teams in the management of our undergraduate and graduate programs for mining engineers and surveyors. This is a key part of our future technical and management capability and is pivotal in the development and maintenance of our business culture.


Our estimating team is very experienced in pursuing opportunities for growth and in providing creative and competitive proposals for clients. We utilise innovation in technology and best practice benchmarking to reliably and accurately evaluate projects. Combined with strong mine planning capabilities, BUMA Australia can provide unique, optimised tenders which deliver the best outcome for our clients. We collaborate and build sustainable relationships with our clients to offer simple solutions to complex problems in order to achieve the economic success of each project.

Asset Management

Maintenance of mobile fleet is the backbone of our business and our ability to do this well allows us to successfully deliver our contracted services. We have experience in maintaining a large range of our own and client supplied equipment including ultra-class haul trucks and excavators, draglines, rope shovels, drills and CHPP’s over extended periods of time, delivering high operational availability and performance.

Our plant management team comprises professional engineers and qualified tradespeople with extensive practical knowledge and experience. The team deploys advances in equipment technology, as well as contemporary operating and maintenance practices to ensure our customers are provided with maximum reliability and the lowest cost solution to their mining requirements.

In support of the operation of our fleet we have developed an ISO 9001-2015 quality-assured centralised plant management system and utilize comprehensive maintenance management systems and support tools. When required, we apply the same systems to client supplied fleet to achieve consistent, safe and effective equipment performance.

BUMA Australia select and maintain fleet based on a whole of life assessment to achieve the lowest unit operating cost. We can support equipment from all recognised equipment manufacturers and are confident in our ability to ensure plant is operating safely and effectively. Underpinning these services are our strong relationships with equipment manufacturers and suppliers which ensures we have access to the latest equipment, technology and best practice maintenance knowledge.


Progressive rehabilitation is a focus on our sites. This ensures we meet environmental and economic targets during operational phases and guarantees that rehabilitated land meets the specific sustainability and post-mining land use criteria. Rehabilitation is planned as part of the mining process and progressively undertaken in accordance with the life of mine plan.


BUMA Australia is committed to supporting the success of the communities where we operate by fostering and maintaining enduring relationships built upon trust. Our aim is to identify and tailor areas for investment and social benefits within the community that contribute to sustainable and positive lifestyle outcomes while respecting the diversity of the local community.

Civil Construction Works

BUMA Australia has extensive experience in development of infrastructure on both greenfield and brownfield sites, providing a total project management service for the engineering design, procurement and construction of all mine site infrastructure projects. We can successfully perform civil engineering works through a combination of in-house expertise and the engagement of selected specialist consultants and subcontractors.

Our experience includes:

  • Civil earthworks
  • Haul road construction
  • Creek diversions
  • Tailings dams
  • Bulk cut and fill operations
  • Concrete works
  • Mine infrastructure
  • Drainage works
  • Building complexes and all associated services
  • Fuel and oil storage
  • Water treatment

Process and Systems

The BUMA Australia Integrated Management System (IMS) is a dynamic system which ensures our business can plan our activities to mitigate risks and allows us to continually improve our business operations. The IMS provides a framework that meets our certified management system, statutory and legislation requirements through the standardisation of all documentation and processes while having the flexibility to meet individual client requirements. The system provides a tailored project management plan for each project that addresses specific quality, safety, environmental, financial and security aspects of that site.


BUMA Australia brings both proven and emerging technology to our projects, providing a platform for monitoring, control and improvement of mechanical and operational performance. Through such technologies, we deliver industry-leading equipment reliability and excel in meeting production targets in a safe and efficient manner.

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