Meandu Mine

Location: South Burnett Queensland

Client: Stanwell Corporation, Queensland government-owned corporation

Commodity: Thermal Coal


Our Operations


BUMA provides a total mine service to Stanwell Corporation’s Meandu Mine to deliver typically 6 million tonnes of product coal per year to the adjacent Tarong and Tarong North power stations. We hold statutory responsibility for the mine site, ensuring compliance with the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

Responsible for the management and operation of the mine, our services include mine planning, drilling, blasting, overburden removal, coal mining, coal handling and processing plant, rehabilitation, civil works and maintenance of mobile and fixed plant.

Our fleet is predominately client owned, including a Bucyrus BE1370W dragline, Komatsu 830E and Hitachi EH5000 haul trucks and Hitachi EX8000, EX5500 and EX3600 excavators.

Meandu Mine currently has four working pits, with sufficient coal to fuel the power stations until at least 2037. Coal at Meandu is mined from three gently dipping seams, varying in thickness from two-to-twenty metres. The two principal seams occur at an average depth of 30 and 60 metres respectively.


Community and Environment


Located approximately 25 kilometres south-east of Kingaroy, we employ the majority of our workforce from the local South Burnett region and offer apprenticeships to school leavers and traineeships each year focusing on diversity and Indigenous participation.

We work closely with the community to operate a safe and environmentally responsible mining operation. Dust, noise and blasting restrictions are managed to ensure minimal impact.

The Meandu project is committed to environmental best practice and progressive rehabilitation of previously mined pit voids and overburden dumps.

During 2022, BUMA, on behalf of our client Stanwell Corporation completed 28.7 hectares of native vegetation rehabilitation at Meandu Mine.  The ‘native vegetation’ rehabilitation areas (built to the final post-mining landform) are designed to be safe, stable, non-polluting and sustainable. Specific design requirements to ensure success and completion are measured against Government regulations and include specific gradients, cover material and drainage. Part of the project involved the design and construction of a series of rock lined drains to convey overland flow and reduce the potential for erosion. The rock lined drains use basalt rock recovered from the mine as part of our operations.

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