Commodore Back Creek Diversion

The Back Creek Project is an earthworks civil construction designed as a 6 km meandering creek bed comprising floodplains, terraces, and a clay lined low flow channel. It is constructed within the overburden backfilled for rehabilitation of previously mined out coal seams.

The work involved excavation and localised placement of 30 ha of floodplain and terraces. The primary activity centred on excavation and then placement of a 3 m thick liner to form the Low Flow Channel. This was required to be placed, compacted and tested in 250 mm layers to +/-100 mm accuracy. The scope also required topsoiling, vegetation, installation of timber habitat and embankment construction for interim flood levies.

The project required a complete quality assurance program to ensure all statutory regulations and environmental requirements were achieved to the highest standard.

The Back Creek diversion attracted attention from a range of stakeholders including Indigenous heritage considerations, local community members and government departments. The project was self-sufficient in its water use.

Innovative rehabilitation practices were prioritised to rehabilitate disturbed areas, recreate the original landform and ensure strict adherence to reinstating original tree and grass species for the area.


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